Transportation Data Management

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Dispatch Dashboard

The Dispatch Dashboard is TransTraks’ Information Central. It provides your dispatchers and other staff with important information about the day’s activities, including field and athletic trips, absent employees, busses that are out of service, etc. It also provides staff with important information to handle the daily volume of radio and telephone calls that come into Dispatch. For example, a bus driver calls in and reports that a curb-to-curb special needs child’s parent is not there at her bus stop. Calling up the Dispatch Log, the Dispatcher can easily record this fact and at the same time bring up the child’s contact information to try and call the parents. The dashboard also includes Dispatch Reminders about early outs, special activities, etc. If you are using our Bio-Metric Timekeeping system, Dispatch and managers can even leave messages for a driver or group of drivers and it will print out for them when they clock in or out.





The Dispatch Log allows you to capture all important activity for a day. Many of the fields are entered automatically or allow for a drop down list of quick comments and subjects. It only takes a few seconds to capture important information. History can then be printed out in reports or looked up using the search fields at the top of the form.




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You can send messages to the drivers from the Dispatch Dashboard and have it print out when the drivers clock in using TransTraks’ Bio-Metric system.


There are numerous reports available within the Dispatch Dashboard, including out-of-service reports, fields trips, absent employees, etc.