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School/Trip Module

The School/Trip Module is where you enter all the schools in your agencies for purposes of both routing and field, activity and athletic trips. In addition, you should enter in any outside “customers” for which you take trips, such as your town’s park and recreation department, etc. This is where you will process all requests for trips, assign drivers and buses to those trips, send hard copy or electronic confirmations and invoices and generate summary billing statements to all of your trip customers.







The Trip Information Form is the central location for the processing of trip requests for your department. Data entry of the information can either take place within Transportation, or remotely at the school site via either your network or the Internet. The choice is yours. On average, you can process a trip request within 45 seconds, shaving minutes off the processing time required by many other systems. The majority of the form and its tabs have defaulted fields, reducing your data entry time. Input data into one field, and 10 others are automatically filled out for you. The form has specifically been designed to reduce the time its takes to process and manage your hundreds and even thousands of trips per year. Assigning one or more drivers to a trip is a snap and takes just seconds. You can even split trips and do drop and returns all on the same TransTraks trip record. You can have trips span more than one day, like a camping trip, all on the same trip requisition and record.








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Trip Destinations: You enter in all your trip destinations, including directions on how to get there, and TransTraks automatically places the needed information in each new trip. Your directions come from the built-in mapping software. You enter the name and address of the destination into the form and then click on the mapping button, and TransTraks takes it from there. It finds the destination, and then provides turn-by-turn directions that are automatically placed in the destination’s record. These directions automatically flow to the TransTraks Driver’s Trip Ticket. You can even change the default route selected by the mapping component with a simple click of your mouse and dragging the route to a new street, highway, etc. The directions are then automatically updated to reflect the changed route.


Trip Rate Codes:  TransTraks comes with a form in which you can easily capture all the various trip charge rates. You might have an hourly rate for weekdays and another one for weekends. You might charge certain trips a mileage rate only, while others will have both a labor and mileage charge. You can have as many different trip rate charges as you want. You then select the charge rate applicable to a particular trip and TransTraks does all the calculations for you in terms of estimates and final charges.

Schools Remote Data Entry Module

TransTraks comes with a separate module that allows remote data entry by the schools for all their activity and athletic trip requests. Unlike other software packages, this module is FREE, and is included with every TransTraks license. As you can see to the left, the schools or your other customers get a simple Trip Request Menu. It allows them to request a trip, review the status of their trips to make sure that they have been approved and scheduled, and even allows them to print out their own reports showing all their trips scheduled for a particular time period of their choice. Sites can even print out a year-to-date report on trip charges.


The Trip Request Form takes less than a minute to fill out. Once saved, a trip request is instantly available to your dispatchers to process and schedule. Schools can also send a Trip Confirmation Request Form electronically to get approval for the trip from principals, assistant superintendents, etc.  90% of the data entry is completed by the school site, resulting in substantial reductions in Transportation’s processing time for trip requests.


Dispatch Instantly Gets the Trip in its Proposed Trips Tab


Once a school saves a trip request, it is instantly made available to your Trip Dispatchers to process. It shows up on the Trip Information Form’s Proposed Trips Tab. Dispatchers just click on the Proposed Trips Tab, and all newly proposed trips are shown. A Dispatcher needs only click on the “Trip” Button on the right to access that trip request and process it.


Best of All, the Schools Remote Trip Module is Free With TransTraks!!

With a click of a button, TransTraks will create, print or electronically send confirmations to your customers and invoices at the completion of the trips. Your drivers will get easy to read Driver Trip Tickets with directions to the destination. In addition, there are many trip reports, including summary billings to your customers, driver trip assignment postings, and numerous other management reports.