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Customer Comments

“Just a quick note to say thanks. TransTraks is working great and we (the department) have scored big points with the school sites and various District departments with your program. I have had several sites comment that it’s obvioius that the program was written by someone who knows and understands transportation and school districts.”

Glenn Perry - Transportation Manager - Redlands Unified School District

“I have been in the pupil transportation industry for over 15 years. I have seen and used a number of pupil transportation data management systems. TransTraks beats them all. It is user friendly and meets the specific needs of a yellow school bus operation. You know that the people who designed this system know pupil transportation. The TransTraks staff members deliver every time.”

Tony Briscoe - Director of Transportation Services - Ventura Unified School District

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much your TransTraks program has enhanced my department’s efficiency and productivity. I have been in the school bus industry for 34 years now. Until TransTraks, I have never had a computer program that would help me to keep track of training hours for the drivers, keep inventory of bus parts and repairs of the buses, have complete student profiles and their corresponding bus routes they are assigned to, have field trips delivered electronically to my computer, and having the ability to dispatch buses for those trips, and so much more all wrapped into one neat package.”

Jerry Rank - Transportation Supervisor - San Lorenzo Unified School District

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Before switching to TransTraks, Mike Rea, Executive Director of West Sonoma County Transportation Agency had used several fleet maintenance programs. “We were spending thousands of dollars just to train clerks to manage the database. It was killing our folks,” Rea said. Rather than spending his time constantly entering data or training technicians on confusing software, [TransTraks] the all-in-one fleet maintenance, routing, scheduling and training software lets him focus on keeping his fleet running. “TransTraks allows us to get data we’ve never had,” Rea said.

Mike Rea - Executive Director - West Sonoma County Transportation Agency
Quoted in
School Transportation News - March 2007

“Just wanted to let you know that our experience with TransTraks has been nothing put positive. As you know, its not easy changing cultures in transportation organizations regardless of need or demonstrated benefit. Your company’s ‘real world’ experience in yellow bus transportation certainly helped in getting early buy in from staff and made the transition from ‘the way we’ve always done it’ to ‘the way we should be doing it’ so much easier. Your quick response to our calls and the availability of one on one assistance ensured a smooth start-up and continued support for the program.”

Jim Gannon - Director of Transportation - Fremont Unified School District