Transportation Data Management

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Employee Module

TransTraks has a comprehensive Employee Module. It includes an employee information form that captures employee demographic, license and job information. The Accident/incident Module captures employee accidents, while TransTraks also provides a discipline and commendation form. There are numerous management reports related to employees. The module is integrated with the rest of the TransTraks System, so employee information is shared with Training, Field Trips, Vehicle Maintenance, Timekeeping, etc.




The Employee Module contains all the forms and reports necessary to keep track of all your employee data, including licensing, driving certificates, medical exams, etc.


You can also track each employee’s hourly schedule for each day of the week, allowing for up to five different sign-on and sign-off periods per day and up to four different split shifts. You can have employee pictures, I.D. badges and generate numerous management reports on your employees.


Capturing Accident/Incident information is standard in TransTraks, including linking accident photos, vehicle work orders, etc.


Employee discipline and commendations can be captured in TransTraks.


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