Transportation Data Management

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Vehicle Module

The Vehicle Module includes an easy to use and yet comprehensive vehicle maintenance system with parts inventory, and vehicle work orders. You can even order your replacement parts on-line through our Parts Vendors Form. The Vehicle Module also supports other modules of TransTraks, including Training and Activity/Athletic Trips. It also includes numerous comprehensive reports.






The Vehicle Information Form uses tabs to divide up the different sections of the form, Vehicle Information, Comments, Inspection Schedules, Work Orders, Deferred Maintenance and Parts Used. The Vehicle Module has a comprehensive Work Order System, and a Parts Inventory System. Unlike other systems, TransTraks makes it easy to maintain all of your vehicle and maintenance records. Dispatch can even get a real time instant report showing vehicle availability for assignment to drivers.






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TransTraks also comes with a Vehicle Proficiency System, allowing Dispatch to easily know which vehicles can be driven by each driver.


There are scores of reports in the Vehicle Maintenance System, providing you with comprehensive management reports on when vehicles are due for services and safety inspections, parts inventory lists, vehicle maintenance billings to other departments, mechanic work order tickets, etc.